Boron Humate

Product Description Boron humate is in the chelated form of humic acid with boron,easy to be adoptable by plants. Can be mixed use with other granular fertilizer. Main Specification  Appearance Black Granules  Product code SHA-BHA-G  Humic Acid (dry basis) 55% min  Boron (as B2O3 dry basis) 10% min  Moisture 15%min Particle Size 2 – 4 mm Main Function Improve the struction of soil, increase … Continue reading Boron Humate


Humic Acid

Humic acid is formed  by microbial degradation of the dead biological substances then oxidation for more than tens of thousand years. Its specific properties and structure depends on a given sample source from water or soil to extract the specific conditions. However, while the humic acid is from different sources, the performance is very similar.